12In12 – so far so… blank page

It is January. I should have written 5 short stories by now. I haven't. This challenge is too big for me and I've been wondering for quite some time what got me to commit to it in August. Then, I was 7 months pregnant with a toddler at home. Today, my daughter is 9 weeks … Continue reading 12In12 – so far so… blank page

Reflection on 12in12 – August story

So, it is done. The first story is out. Or better, what I came up with so far is out. I am fully aware that this first attempt of a first draft is miserable, and didn't get beyond the first idea. The "story" ends a lot sooner than "halfway through" and I am not happy … Continue reading Reflection on 12in12 – August story

5 Sentence Story 02

Many years ago, I met a guy with a Rolex watch, and a dirty rain coat. He walked home from the train station at 3am. No one saw him enter the small ally behind the cheap hotel. He was three minutes late. No one ever talked to him again.

5 Sentence Story 01

Leonie, the little girl from the old house next door, rang my door bell at 5:37pm. Her dog had gone missing that very morning. No one seemed to have seen it since. I turned around and asked my dad if he had heard something. He shook his head, turning the meat on the BBQ.