Reflection on 12in12 – August story

So, it is done. The first story is out. Or better, what I came up with so far is out. I am fully aware that this first attempt of a first draft is miserable, and didn’t get beyond the first idea. The “story” ends a lot sooner than “halfway through” and I am not happy with it. Considering the fact that I am still (yeah, yeah, I know) writing on my term paper, I was ready for an embarrassing start. So here it is.

How I feel after publishing the story here:

I feel relieved that this first attempt is “out” now and may die at this point. If any of you fellow creatives out there feel that you would like to use it and take it to another level, be my guest.

I feel just as embarrassed not having been able to finish drafting my idea. In my head, the basic line of the story was great, maybe too big for a short story, but decent enough and worth a story.

What went well in August:

The initial idea is usually the easiest thing for me to come up with. The first flow of words, the first 2-5 pages are usually a no brainer.

I also managed to find some additional writing windows in my day between term paper and family life.

What needs improvement in September:

I want to find a method for pushing the plot forward once I hit the first wall in my writing process.

The ideas need restrictions. So far, I collected story ideas for the rest of the year. They all have the potential for becoming larger works and I want to restrict them so they are managable in a short story without cutting out essential parts of the story.

What I learnt this past month:

I’ve always found it terribly hard to judge the potential or magnitude of a story idea and therefore the length of the story that wanted to be written. My goal for this first short story was 3000 words and I leant that this specific idea was way too big for these few words.

Another thing is that apparently I have more difficulties writing made up stuff when I am writing academically at the same time. Somehow my brain cannot do both on the same day even though I consider both a creative process where I am creating something that I want my reader to enjoy.

I need to organize myself better next month. I started working with pomodore which helped immensely with my concentration. For a week, I was reading texts for my term paper and just couldn’t concentrate on them, no matter what I did, no matter which text. After 2 sentences my brain was porridge and I was ready to go to bed. There was nothing that stuck in my head and made any sense. Since I am still not done with it, and my word count goal for September is higher than in August, I need to find a way to increase my attention span.


What do you think? Give me your feedback on the story, the process, tipps, critique, anything! I want to hear from you! 


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